Activities To Do with Your Baby

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Every minute your baby is awake he is learning something new from the world around him. He is growing and changing every day and there are many ways you can communicate, play, and help him learn. Not only is this good for your baby’s development but it can be a lot of fun for both of you!

Babies can't see all the colors right away but they do like to follow things with their eyes.

Here are some ways to support your baby’s development:

Cuddle - Babies love to be touched and held. Do not be afraid of spoiling your infant by picking her up too much. Cuddle with your baby and read her stories, tell her about your day, or just spend time gazing at her. This is a special period in your relationship with your child so take time to enjoy it!

Tummy time - When your baby is three months old it's important to start giving him some time on his stomach to exercise his neck muscles and help him learn to reach for things. Put him on a soft surface on the ground, such as a blanket or carpet, place toys in front of him, and let him try to reach for them. This can be turned into a great game and you can see how far your baby can reach.

Show her new things - Your baby will like contrast and brightly colored things like paper, scarves, and toys, but most of all, she wants to see your face! Babies can't see all the colors right away but they do like to follow things with their eyes. Show your baby interesting items with bright colors or unusual movement and you will notice her excitement.

Make some noise - Babies love hearing new sounds and enjoy music and singing, especially songs that have clapping and rhyme. Talk to him as you do things, even though he can't talk back he will enjoy the sound of your voice and new words as you tell him where you are going and what you are doing. Most importantly, read out loud to your baby. Your baby will love hearing you read stories and it will help him understand new words more quickly.

Let your baby feel - Early on your baby will begin reaching out to hold on to you – your fingers, your hair, anything she can grab! Give her simple toys, such as soft balls or rattles, which will entertain her and stimulate her brain as she plays with the different textures and shapes in her hands.

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