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Parenting is a fun, exciting, rewarding, busy, and stressful job! All parents need a support system to help them raise healthy, happy children. Sometimes parents may need to talk to someone who knows what they are going through or to share the joys and challenges of parenting. Other times parents may need ideas on what to do or help with something specific in their lives. We encourage all parents to seek parent support at any time during their children’s lives.

here are some ideas on how to do so:

  • Reconnect with parents who you may have attended a playgroup with in the past. Set up a time to call to catch up on changes in your lives and stages your children have gone through.
  • Create a Facebook Page or Group for parents in your area to discuss organizing a playgroup or as a way to connect while looking for a new playgroup.
  • Organize a social gathering for the families in your neighborhood. Keep it simple. Having coffee is a great way for parents to connect without spending a lot of money.
  • Meet new parents. Introduce yourself to other parents at your child's school or afterschool activity, at the library, in your neighborhood, or at your work. Parents share a natural connection through shared experiences and it can be easy to spark a conversation with other parents.
  • Find a parents group. Read bulletin boards at your child’s daycare, afterschool program, and extra-cirricular activities to find parent groups in your area and/or check your pediatrician’s office or hospital. Consider joining an online parenting group.
  • Renew your library card. Visit your local library and check out parent books and pick up other informational resources.
  • Learn new information. Subscribe to an online parenting newsletter, read parenting magazines, or attend a parenting class. Connect to online resources such as

Other resources for parent support

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