Fireworks Safety

Source: one tough job

On average, 230 people go to the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries in the month around the July 4th holiday.

tips to keep your family safe this summer:

  1. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public fireworks display by trained professionals.
  2. Set a good example for your children and do not purchase or display illegal fireworks. Enjoy professional firework displays put on by local fire departments and towns.
  3. Remind older children that personal fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts because they are dangerous. Injuries from fireworks include 2nd and 3rd degree burns that require emergency medical attention, weeks of rehabilitation and plastic surgery or permanent scarring. Explain that personal fireworks have killed people and that is why they are illegal in Massachusetts.

bonus tip:

Firework displays can be loud and scare children, particularly small children. Talk to youngsters about what will happen – bright colors in the dark sky, loud booms and lots of people cheering. Consider bringing sound-deafening headphones for youngsters. Have a plan if one child gets too scared, starts crying and has to go home.

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