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Your Growing Child: Birth to Three Months

Source: one tough job

Within the first three months, your baby will begin to smile and track people and objects with his eyes. He may also discover his own feet and hands as well as develop the ability to lift his head and turn towards sounds.

Your Growing Child: Early School 5-6 years

Source: one tough job

By early-school age, children have a stronger sense of right and wrong and develop greater capacity for friendship and teamwork. They understand time and will start to actively plan ahead for activities that interest them like a play date with a favorite friend or the details of their birthday party.

Your Growing Child: Infants 4-7 months

Source: one tough job

Babies four to seven months old love to engage with the people around them and will continue to show that they are interested in you by smiling, babbling, kicking, and waving their arms.

Your Growing Child: Infants 8-12 months

Source: one tough job

By twelve months old your baby is about to embark on a whole new journey: walking. Help her learn by allowing her to crawl freely and supporting her while she attempts to pull herself up.

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