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Toddler Biting

Source: one tough job

Biting is common for many toddlers. Toddlers may bite because it feels good on their teething gums or as a way to express an emotion they are feeling.

Toddler Tantrums

Source: one tough job

Toddlers use temper tantrums as a way of communicating and dealing with big feelings. Tantrums can happen at any time, even when your toddler appeared well-rested and content a minute before.

Discipline and Your Infant

Source: one tough job

Although it may seem like an unlikely time to think about discipline, it is the perfect time to begin to develop your discipline skills and lay the foundation for this part of your role as a parent. Discipline is about teaching your child and providing him with the limits and support that he needs to be safe, confident, and healthy.

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