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How to Talk to Children About Sexual Harassment

Source: Child Mind Institute

Talking about sex isn’t easy for anyone. For parents, even the idea of talking to kids about sex is uncomfortable. But today we find ourselves in the painful position of having to talk to kids about sexual harassment, and the kind of inappropriate behavior that has become a staple of the news lately. Some of what’s being reported is, frankly, awful.

So it’s tempting to avoid talking about it. But that’s a mistake. The number one thing I would tell parents is do not ignore it. That will not make it go away.

How to talk to your kids about the violence in Charlottesville

Source: Los Angeles Times

As violence erupted in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, with three killed and dozens injured at one of the largest white nationalist rallies in a decade, TV screens and newsfeeds across America were filled with images of chaos and terror.

While politicians including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Senator Dianne Feinstein reacted by condemning the attacks, calling for “hope and prayers for peace” and reminders that “violent acts of hate and bigotry have no place in America,” parents seeing the news were faced with a dilemma that’s becoming an increasing concern for American families: if, and how, to talk about violence and racism with their children.

Mental health experts and parents discussed their experiences Saturday, and shared advice for talking to children about the violence in Charlottesville. Here are their tips:

Allergy Tips

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

Advice on when to expect an allergy, how to manage allergies, and possible medical remedies.

The Truth About Food Allergies


Over the past decade allergies have become more common in children and more accepted in society. As a result of this acceptance, we are closer than ever before to understanding allergies more and better, faster treatments.

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