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5 Benefits of Outdoor Winter Play


Outdoor winter play has long been blamed for colds and the flu. Our parents told us “Bundle up or you’ll catch a cold” and their parents probably told them the same thing. But winter play gets a bad rap. Although going outside unprepared for the elements is unwise, viruses that are spread by other human beings cause colds and the flu—indoors. Here are five benefits of outdoor winter play.

5 Discipline Tips for Single Moms


Regardless of the reason why, more and more of us are becoming single moms. With that role comes not only the sole caregiver, the lone lunch box packer, the only boo-boo fixer and the one tear clearer in the house, but the thankless job of discipline.

5 easy ways to start weekend family traditions

Source: Today Parents

As the school year ramps up, it often becomes harder than ever for families to spend time together. School, homework, sports, clubs and sleepovers dominate the schedule, and it can be easy to neglect family traditions. Yet, it still feels important to foster family time.

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