Signs that Your Child Is Being Bullied

Source: one tough job

You might assume that your child would tell you if she were being bullied; however, your child may be afraid to tell you for fear that it will only make it worse, she may believe you will not be able to help stop the bullying, or she may not even recognize that she is being bullied. Signs of physical bullying such as bruises or cuts may be more obvious; however, there are other signs you can watch for that may indicate your child is being bullied such as:

  • Asking often to stay home from school (frequent unexplained minor illnesses such as headaches, stomachaches, etc.);
  • Damaged/missing clothes or belongings;
  • Frequently ‘lost’ lunch or lunch money;
  • Sleeping problems;
  • Bedwetting;
  • Problems in school such as declining school performance;
  • Depression, lack of enthusiasm for friends or activities; and
  • Unexpected changes in routine.

For more information about bullying, read this article from Committee for Children, leader in the field of bullying prevention.

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