Six Spring Activities to Try with Your Preschooler

Source: one tough job

The start of spring means longer days, lighter coats, and lots of opportunities to have fun with your preschooler. The shift in season can provide a good opportunity to take a break from your winter routines, reconnect with your child, and try something new together.

Check out these activity ideas and have fun with your preschooler this spring!

1. get your hands dirty

Whether you have a yard, a window box, or even a jar—you can garden with your child! This spring, try a gardening project with your preschooler to show them how plants grow and where their food comes from. Follow these directions to run a seed growing science experiment at home.

2. make a bird feeder

Get crafty and make this simple pine cone bird feeder. After it’s done, you and your child can wait to see (and hear!) spring birds fly by and enjoy the treat.

3. get organized with spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can help you and your family feel better organized and ready for the warmer season. Having your preschooler at home may sometimes make cleaning a challenge so try out these real parent tips for cleaning with your child. They should help make spring cleaning work for the whole family.

4. have a picnic

On a warm, sunny day pack up some lunch and head to your backyard or a local park to enjoy the first picnic of spring. After your lunch, you and your preschooler can stay outside and go on a spring scavenger hunt. Work with your child to find and check off the items on this spring scavenger hunt worksheet!

5. read about spring
Head to your local library and borrow some new books about spring to help excite your preschooler about reading. Let them pick out several spring-themed books that look interesting to them. You can check out these great book ideas or talk to your librarian. Once you have the books find a comfortable spot in your home and spend the morning reading and talking about everything that you love about the season.

6. go hiking

When the snow has melted and the sun is shining spring is a great time to get outside and go hiking. On a nice day, put on sturdy shoes and warm layers and head out to one of the many kid-friendly trails around Boston or throughout Massachusetts. Remember to pack water and snacks, sunscreen and bug spray, and a good map.

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