Activities to Support Learning: 4-7 months

Author: one tough job

Babies four to seven months of age awake for longer periods of time and love to engage with people around them. While you are still pretty busy with the physical demands of your little one you can now how much your child enjoys your attention. Babbling, kicking, smiling and waving their arms are some ways babies this age participate in the fun.

Here are five everyday activities to encourage development for 4-7 month olds

  • Play music for your newborn to stimulate hearing and develop language skills. Classical music is great but you can play any music you like.
  • Read to your child and name objects as you point to them in books. Even though your child cannot understand the words he will begin to make the association between different sounds.
  • Games like peek-a-boo are fun and help your child to learn that objects still exist when hidden.
  • Ask your baby simple yes or no questions and encourage his babbling and cooing back.
  • Provide toys (link to appropriate toy article) with different textures and colors to encourage your child to explore with her fingers. Your baby is likely to put objects in her mouth so make sure all items that may pose a choking hazard are put well out of reach.

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