Activities to Support Learning: 8-12 months

Author: one tough job

Babies eight to twelve months of age are interested in the physical world around them and have begun to start to wiggle, crawl and take their first tentative steps towards the things that fascinate them. While you are busy keeping your little one safe you can use the objects around your house to help grow your baby’s brain and encourage healthy development.

Here are five everyday activities to encourage learning for 8-12 month olds

  • Allow your baby to finger feed herself to help her develop her hand-eye coordination.
  • Talk about the objects around you, so your baby can start to match up things with their names.
  • Repeat words and sounds for your baby, and encourage him to mimic your voice and gestures.
  • Use a firm, low-pitched voice to describe dangerous objects or areas (a hot stove or sharp table, for example). This helps to show the importance of some things being off-limits.
  • Your child may start to grab onto things, bang objects to hear the sound they make and develop a better control of their body and their actions. Give him old plastic containers and lids so the whole family can enjoy the fun.

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