Let's make this #OneFunSummer

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Welcome to Week 5 of the #OneFunSummer Series! Complete our list of super fun summer activities this week to make this summer is one you won't forget!

week five:

1). Run a 5k

Get the whole family active by running or walking a 5k! Not only is it a great way to make memories, it’s also a great way to get some exercise!

2). Shop at a flea market

Head to a local flea market so see what kind of fun items you’ll find!

3). Visit an amusement park

Looking to get a thrill out of your summer? Head to an amusement park near you and enjoy some of the rides!

4). Have a family water balloon fight

Grab your bathing suits and get outside with the whole family for a family water balloon fight!

5). Go to a drive-in movie

Enjoy the great outdoors while watching one of your favorite flicks! Pack some extra blankets and pillows to make a super comfy area in the back of the car for perfect viewing!

week four:

1). Visit a farmers market

Get out of the house and help some local businesses by going a farmers market near you!

2). Plant a garden

Get outside and get creative by planting a garden with your favorite foods and flowers!

3). Go camping

Enjoy the outdoors by heading to a campsite- or to the backyard- for a camping trip!

4). Go fishing

Grab your fishing rods and get out to a lake near you for some fishing!

5). Toast marshmallows

End the day under the stars telling campfire stories and toasting marshmallows to make the perfect s'mores!

week three:

1). Make lemonade

Kick back and relax with a refreshing lemonade in hand, not only are they super tasty, they’re also super easy to make!

2). Go to the beach

Go to a beach or local lake near you to catch some rays!

3). Draw with chalk

Pick up some chalk at a local dollar store and play with it outside on the pavement. Make hopscotch, draw pictures of play games with it!

4). Make and fly a kite

Make a kite and then head to an open area to fly it to make some memories the kids will never forget!

5). Collect & paint rocks

Whether you’re at the beach or in your own backyard, gather up a rock collection, break out the paintbrushes and get creative!

week two:

1). Make tie dye shirts

Start off the week of the 4th by making some festive shirts to celebrate! Get crazy with colors, or stick with the classic red, white & blue to show your patriotism!

2). Watch a parade

It’s not Independence Day without a festive 4th of July parade! Grab a blanket to sit on and enjoy a parade near you!

3). Have a cookout

Get the burgers and dog ready! The day isn’t complete without a yummy July 4th cookout.

4). Make ice cream

What better way to get the kids involved AND make a tasty treat together!? Don’t be afraid to get creative with some fun flavors, or stick to the original vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.

5). Watch fireworks

End the day by seeing some local fireworks to celebrate the USA!

week one:

1). Go for a hike

What better way to start off a sunny summer morning than with a little bit of exercise? Head to the nearest rail trail or mountain and get in a good hike!

2). Make DIY popsicles

After a long, hot morning in the woods, cool off by making your own DIY popsicles!

3). Go to a local lake

Take a dip or soak up some sun at a local lake! Not only is it a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and relax, it is also free!

4). Read a book

Bring a book to the lake and enjoy a nice summer read while you lounge!

5). Catch fireflies

Grab your mason jars! After the sun goes down, keep the fun going by catching fireflies outside!

Last but not least...

Share the fun! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #OneFunSummer on the photos you post while completing the checklist for a chance to appear on our social media!

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