Back-to-School 2020 Resources for Parents

Author: one tough job

Virtual opt-in. In-person opt-out. Homeschool pods. Back-to-school season is hectic even under normal circumstances, but as we try to reclaim some daily normalcy while working through a global pandemic, the variety of options available can feel overwhelming. Whatever format you decide is best for your family, we've compiled resources to help support your transition back into the school routine.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, it should serve as a research starting point and supplement to guidance from your local school district to suit your family's needs.

Learning from Home

Setting a Daily Routine

Managing Stress and Decision-Making

Safety and Hygiene Resources

Finding and Vetting Caregivers

Black-Owned Businesses for Back-to-School Shopping

Visit our Coronavirus Resources Page for more information from the State of Massachusetts and the CDC.

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