Valentine's Day: Showing Children Love and Affection

Author: one tough job

Valentine's Day is the holiday of celebrating love. Love is a natural feeling of deep affection. The feeling of love comes with a sense of attachment and caring to the people, places, and pets we care about. AYour children may love and be attached to their stuffed animals, riding their bicycles, their dog, and their parents.

Nurturing and caring relationships are necessary for children’s brain development. Receiving love from a parent or guardian is vital for a child’s healthy physical and mental growth. There are many ways adults can show their children they love them. This Valentine’s Day, learn about all the different forms of expressing love.

One way to display love is to verbally express yourself by telling your child you love them. The simple phrase “I love you” can have lasting positive impacts on your child’s mental well-being. Writing “I love you” on a sticky note and putting it in your child’s lunchbox is another way for your child to feel and know they are loved even when you are not physically with them.

For children who enjoy physical affection, pairing “I love you” with a hug and a kiss can truly benefit your child. If your child does not enjoy physical affection, you can show them love by spending quality time and doing activities together. Put on your child’s favorite songs and dance together, cook a meal, or make art.

Valentine’s Day is not a holiday only about couples or romantic relationships. Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating love and affection. There are many ways you as a parent can show your child you love them. Whatever the activity you and your child do together, being present in the moment shows them you care.

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