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Three Family Organization Tasks You Can Take On Now That Fall Is Here​

Fall in New England is my favorite time of the year. Sweater weather, apple cider, and pumpkin picking, I love it all! Don’t get me wrong, summer was great, but the change in season for me and my family means more time at home and less time running from one event to the next.

Another reason I love fall is that I finally have a chance to tackle some of the tasks I’ve been putting off since June.

Hoohoos and Vajayjays

THE WIFE and I made a conscious decision early on to use appropriate anatomical verbiage when identifying body parts in conversation with the kids. Rather than use the polite euphemisms of flower, vajayjay, tutu, wewe, etc., we've said vagina and penis since Greta's early days. Proper terminology aside, it's still difficult to avoid a smirk or chuckle like junior high schoolers whenever such a chat arises.

A Letter to My Nine-Year-Old Daughter

Every single descriptor of this exact moment in time from other moms and dads who have danced the same dance we are in is true; the last nine years have been pure magic. Somehow each day has been long. Sometimes frustratingly, mind-numbingly long, like the day at two-weeks-old when you wouldn’t stop crying no matter what we did, or the weeks we spent wearing a hole in the carpet every night walking you back to your room as you “transitioned” to a big girl bed. Every single day has been long, but oh my little angel, they have literally flown by.

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