1​0 ways toddlers can help with dinner

Source: one tough job

Here is a downloadable image to stick up on the fridge. Text version below.

Use your toddler's growing interest in food to help with preparing dinner. He can do more than you think! Here are ten ways he can help with meals:

  1. Identifying and gathering items from the fridge
  2. Gathering ingredients from a lower shelf
  3. Choosing spices from the spice rack or windowsill garden.
  4. Placing napkins on the table
  5. Adding ingredients to a mixing bowl
  6. Stirring cold items
  7. Rinsing vegetables in their own bowl
  8. Using their hands to shred items like lettuce for salads
  9. Sprinkle garnishes like cheese on finished meals
  10. Wiping up spills after the meal has been enjoyed

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