It is all about Love: for Valentine's and a Lifetime


As we step into the month of love, it's not just about romantic speeches and flowers, it's an opportunity to reflect on the power of love in all its forms. Love is more than a fleeting emotion, it's deeply rooted in our early experiences, especially the bonds we form in our first attachments.

Attachment teaches us about love and how, as parents, we can nurture it in our children's lives and hearts. Attachment is the strong feeling that connects a child to their caregiver, making a big impact on how they grow. It's about creating a secure base for children to explore the world.

Four Elements of Attachment: Attachment involves four basic steps.

  • Infants learn to use their parents as a safe haven for protection and comfort. For example, when a baby is scared or upset, the caregiver makes sure to create a safe and comforting moment, soothing the child's distress.
  • Children also see their parents as a kind of safety zone to check out the world. When little ones start exploring, they look for comforting glances from Mom and Dad. This sense of security allows them to explore confidently, knowing they have a supportive figure to return to.
  • Staying close encourages infants to share their discoveries with parents, too. Whether it's a fun toy or a new experience, children seek to involve their caregivers, creating a strong connection by exploring together.
  • Additionally, separation distress is the natural emotional response when infants are away from their caregivers. A child might display fear, sadness, or anger when separated, highlighting the emotional bond that provides a sense of peace and attachment.

As parents, we can do many things to nurture secure attachments in our children, like hugging them, sharing laughs, expressing love through words and actions, promoting positive interactions as much as we can. Love is a force that shapes our lives from the very beginning. As we celebrate the month of love, let's remember how important our early connections are for our well-being and how they lay the foundation for a future full of opportunities, blessings and love.

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