Everyday Ways to Support Your Toddler's Learning and Development

Author: one tough job

Your toddler loves to learn. His natural curiosity and willingness to play provide unlimited ways to engage his mind. The good news is, you don't have to do anything special or fancy to boost your toddler's brain development. The best way is to incorporate learning into everyday activities that you are already doing with her.

Here are some great ways to support your toddler’s growing mind.

  1. Sing or hum your favorite songs around your toddler.
  2. Name all of the fruits and vegetables as you walk through the grocery store.
  3. Measure things around the house. How many apples tall is the couch? How many books tall is the toaster?
  4. Print out the first letter of their name. Put it on the door to their room, or over their bed if they share a room.
  5. Label spices and have your child pick them for dinner. Green tab for parsley, red tab for paprika, etc.
  6. Talk about where everything goes. The toys go in the toybox, the towels go in the closet.
  7. Make a weather wall and let your child select what today’s weather is.
  8. Counting. (Keep the numbers under 5.) I have three carrots, I need four for the recipe, so I need one more carrot.
  9. Cut foods in shapes. Name shapes of their favorite foods. Cookies are circles, cut sandwiches into triangles.
  10. Shout out the colors while dressing your child, It’s a BLUE shirt, RED pants, WHITE shoes, etc.
For more ideas on brain-boosting activities for your toddler, check out this article. Do you know of any other ways to incorporate learning for toddlers? Share them with us and our parenting community in the comments down below.

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