5 Ways Your Kids Can Help With Dinner: Ages 2-4

Author: one tough job

Now that your kids are a little bit older, they can actually participate in helping you make and prepare meals. Since this is an introductory stage in the process of cooking, it is vital to teach good habits as they become more involved in the kitchen. Teaching kids to practice good hygiene is a great place to start, with something as simple as washing their hands before and after cooking and cleaning the space they work in as they make food.

According to the Washington Post, here are some great activities for your kids to try out:

  • Sprinkling garnishes on finished meals: Letting your child put the final touch on a finished plate can not only give a great sense of accomplishment but also be a fun way to get them involved in the cooking process.
  • Washing fresh produce: Show your kids how to properly wash fresh produce from the market.
  • Throwing things away in the trash: While it may not seem like a big deal now, kids can find it a fun way to be involved in the kitchen, and you’ll thank yourself down the line when those teen years are closer.
  • Mix and pour ingredients (with your help): Under your guidance, help your child pour and mix ingredients into a large mixing bowl like salad or when baking cookies.
  • Wipe counters & sweep floors: Kids are messy, and throughout the cooking process will most likely make the process even messier as they don’t notice or care when flour gets on the floor or when a little olive oil misses the pan. Show and encourage them to clean as they cook to practice good habits as well as help you with the mess!

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