Creating a Family Care Plan During Coronavirus

Author: one tough job

In the uncertain times we find ourselves in, every family should consider making a family care plan. We know this is a difficult topic to discuss, but planning to make sure those you love are going to be okay is also an important part of managing stress during this incredibly stressful time. Creating a plan for what will happen if one or both parents are incapable of taking care of dependent children is the best way to ensure your family is taken care of in an emergency.

Here are some ideas adapted from military family care plans:

List the most important details first. Note who will care for your children if one or both parents are sick or hospitalized with coronavirus. If you don’t already have a will or a special power of attorney that names a guardian for your children, seek legal guidance as soon as you can.

Note the locations of important documents. These include wills, insurance papers, birth certificates, identification cards, and powers of attorney.

List close contacts and other resources. Provide names, addresses, and telephone numbers of relatives, neighbors and friends, doctors and dentists, and community resources that you may use.

Provide medical information. List details about family physicians, dentists, medications and vitamins, allergies, and all appointments for every family member. Copy health insurance cards and note where the originals are kept.

Outline arrangements for daily activities. Create a calendar of your family’s weekly activities. Include homeschool activities, bedtimes, meal times, and special events like birthdays.

Don’t forget your four-legged family members. Write down the feeding and walking schedules for your pet and make sure to note who will take care of your pets if you are unable to.

We wish for every family to stay safe and healthy. Thinking through a contingency plan before anyone is sick is the best way to take care of your loved ones. We hope it also gives you a little peace of mind that those you love the most will be taken care of if you are unable to.

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