Sometimes called the “magical” years of childhood, children aged three and four use their blossoming imagination, creativity, and spirit of exploration to help understand and navigate the world around them. The good times with your three and four year old will be great and you will often laugh out loud at what your child says and does. Temper tantrums and power struggles, however, are still normal. As your child becomes more independent, she may become overwhelmed by the wide world. Your love and guidance will help provide the support she needs to feel confident in herself and her abilities.

Preschool Activities

This site provides a long list of different types of creative activities you can do with your preschooler.

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Your Growing Child: Preschoolers 3-4 years

As your child grows into a preschooler her world will begin to open up. She will want to explore her surroundings and will have lots of questions to ask. She will begin to develop friendships and pay extra attention to adults and children outside of the family.

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Lies, Truth and Your Preschooler

A good article on why preschoolers lie or stretch the truth and how to help them learn to appreciate honesty.

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​10 ways to keep children safer

The Children’s Trust created this list of tips for parents and caregivers to talk about basic personal safety skills with kids. Educate your children as early as possible, just as you would teach them about traffic or water safety skills.

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