November is National Adoption Month


November is National Adoption Month. This month sheds light on the positive impact adoption can have in the lives of children and youth and reflects the need for more adoptive families for youth in the foster care system.

Adoption in the United States first began in the late 1800s. According to the Adoption Network, 1 out of every 25 families in the United States currently has a child who is adopted and around 7 million Americans are adopted. It's possible that you know of an adopted child or a family who has an adopted child.

A common way families adopt children is through the foster care system. Thousands of children and youth in the foster care system are waiting to be adopted into a loving family’s home. According to AdoptUSKids, the average age of children in the foster care system waiting to be adopted is eight years old.

There are many ways a child can end up in the foster care system, including the death of a parent or caregiver, ongoing neglect, and even child abuse. A safe and loving home can help children who experience Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) overcome a difficult start. Adoption can provide a wonderful opportunity for a family to help a child become a resilient adult.

Adoption creates joy and love in the lives of the child and adoptive family. Children who are adopted are born from the heart. If you are considering adoption or have begun the process, visit this website for more resources .

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