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5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Family Pet

Source: one tough job

Having a pet has proven benefits for both children and adults. They are good for physical and mental health. Taking care of a pet teaches children about responsibility, friendship, love, and trust. However, not every family’s circumstances are right for having a pet.

Talking About Tragic Events

Source: one tough job

It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from the harsh realities of the world. However, children hear about things whether we want them to or not. Although you may think that your child is better off not knowing about bad news, it was likely discussed on the school bus, the playground, or in a variety of other places and chances are, the information your child heard is at least a little bit inaccurate or exaggerated.

School Safety Series: Social Media and Your Child

Source: one tough job

There are benefits to online social networking: your child can connect with their classmates, learn more about their community, and even join great causes around the world. However, there are also potential challenges that every parent must prepare for.

Tips for Finding and Hiring a Babysitter

Source: one tough job

Leaving your child at home with a babysitter, particularly for the first time, can be challenging for both you and your child. Choosing a babysitter that you trust and have confidence in will make the process much easier.

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