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Reading about Diversity

Source: one tough job

The Reading About Diversity (R.A.D.) Series is a Kindergarten -5th grade program that is run by parent volunteers. The curriculum, designed by two educators with expertise in diversity and literacy, will help our students to better understand and celebrate our diverse world. At each grade level, five children’s books have been selected with related questions already prepared. Each book also includes writing and/or drawing extensions. Each lesson takes about forty-five minutes to an hour and takes place in your child’s classroom.

School-Age Readers

Source: KidsHealth

Even though your child is now in school, reading out loud to her is still as important as ever. Check out this article for more information on what to read to your school-age child.

Screen time for kids


Little to no screen time is a great goal, and you might agree – in theory. But reality tends to get in the way of a parent's best intentions.

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