June is Pride Month: Tips and Ideas for Celebrating With Your Children

Author: one tough job

As rainbow flags fly and Pride events happen virtually and outside, your kids may be asking questions. Although any time of year is a good time to talk about the LGBTQ+ community, inclusion, and diverse families, Pride month provides a great opportunity to celebrate and bring up these topics with your kids. Here are some tips and ideas for Pride month with your little ones.

Educate Yourself

Firstly, educate yourself on Pride month, what it commemorates, and the identities represented. Even if you do not explain all of the details, it is helpful to know the context when young children ask questions.

Pride historically honors the Stonewall Rebellion. The Stonewall Rebellion, or Stonewall Riots, occurred on June 28, 1969, in New York City. After police went into a gay bar and pulled out both patrons and employees, riots and protests erupted around the city during the following week.

Do some more research because if you know the history and information well, it will be easier to narrate and phrase it appropriately for your children.

Read Books

There are many books that can expose your child to LGBTQ+ identities. Celebrate with “This Day in June,” a book about pride celebrations – and check out the guide for parents about discussing sexual orientation and gender identity. Then, peruse these lists sorted by age appropriateness on Common Sense Media.

The 100 Books Celebrating Diversity, from One Tough Job’s 1000 Books Series, also has some titles for Pride month. These titles include “The Family Book,” “A Family Is a Family Is a Family, and “King and King.”

Watch Videos and Television Shows

A great resource for kid-friendly videos is Queer Kid Stuff. Lindz Amer founded Queer Kid Stuff in 2015 and produces videos that include songs, guest interviews, and book readings for all ages, as well as informative videos for adults.

In addition to these interactive live streams and pre-recorded videos, consider watching “Danger & Eggs.” “Danger & Eggs,” suitable for all ages, features several LGBTQ+ characters, and many of the voices are queer-identifying as well.

Find Teachable Moments and Share Stories

Your child may ask why there are rainbow flags around this time of year, or maybe you bring it up as you walk around town. It is important to find the moments to make these conversations part of everyday life.

You or your child may have family or friends who identify as LGBTQ+. Find moments to tell their stories and spur conversation. Kids will absorb stories and relate with those connected to their loved ones.

Attend Virtual or Community Events

Many in-person events are canceled but check your neighborhood’s calendar for outdoor events or attend a virtual event with your children. While large parades have been canceled, some family events include outdoor art shows or concerts. Celebrating Pride with other community members can get your family outside and educate your children.

Continue the Conversation

Pride month is a great time to introduce these topics and conversations, but any time of year is a good time to read books, watch videos, and talk about diverse families, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

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