Money Saving Tips for Gift Giving


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, New Year’s, or another holiday during this time, giving friends and family members presents is a common practice in many cultures. With overall inflation and the price of goods increasing every day, this tradition can get expensive fast and create stress for many. Read on for tips on how to avoid breaking the bank while still enjoying the holidays together as a family.

  1. Create a budget and stick to it. Knowing how much you can and will spend on gifts is important. Honoring a budget will mean that you will avoid overspending.
  2. Have a list of gifts in mind before you go to the stores. This will help you avoid impulsive shopping and save time in the aisles.
  3. Don't walk past the sale and clearance sections. Not all products are placed in the clearance section because they are defective. Give these goods a chance, and you might find a great deal!
  4. Take advantage of coupons or discount codes you receive in the mail or email. Check your spam or junk folders for any emails regarding discounts. Or ask the cashier if they have a coupon code they could apply to your purchase. Usually they do, but people may forget to ask!
  5. Try creating homemade gifts with your family. This can include DIY arts and crafts, such as creating an ornament for the Christmas tree.
  6. Skip out on the gifts this year. Spend quality time with your family instead of exchanging gifts. The gifts of love, time, and attention are priceless.

The holiday season is about honoring our traditions and celebrating with our loved ones. Although this can come with a bit of financial stress, there are ways to keep your checkbook in balance and still shower your friends and family with love and gifts. Happy holidays!

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