​Three things you can do now to ease back-to-school stress

Author: one tough job

It’s August and school is just a few weeks away. During the summer, routines are thrown out the window, meal-planning consists of a lot of takeout and ice cream (ah bliss!), and desk areas are filled with all the bric-a-brac of summer fun. Don’t panic and resist the urge to go into full drill sergeant mode.

Here are three tried-and-true things you can do now to ease the back-to-school transition:

The idea is not perfection, but a calm reintroduction of a nighttime routine.

1. Gradually get your child back to his school-year bedtime. In increments of five to fifteen minutes per day, start to wind back your child’s bedtime. If he is still wired from the day, let him read a book in bed or even watch a movie. The idea is not perfection, but a calm reintroduction of a nighttime routine.

2. Clean-up desks, entryways, and backpack stations. Tackle one area a week or throw out three things every day. A clean homework station will help your child finish her summer packet without distraction and a clean space to store new school supplies will help cut down on the stress of trying to find things the night before school starts.

3. Connect with friends and teachers now. Between summer camps and vacations, chances are your kids are clamoring to reconnect with their friends from school. Plan a playdate swap before the start of school. This will benefit both parents, who will have some time to get things done sans kids, and kids, who will be less worried about not knowing anyone on the first day of school.

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