​7 Things to Know About Toddlers

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The toddler years are marked by big leaps in growth. From his first tentative steps to full out running, from babbling and single words to rushes of entire sentences, your child is growing rapidly and it shows. Here are seven things you should know about toddlers.

They have tons of energy.

Toddlers seem to have an endless supply of energy and it can be challenging to keep up. Play is an important part of your toddler’s physical and emotional development (research shows play builds the foundation for a lifetime of learning). Check out our article to find activities to do with your toddler that encourage play and help burn off some excess energy.

They throw tantrums.

Toddlers use temper tantrums as a way of communicating and dealing with big feelings. However, it can come as quite a surprise when tantrums become a regular part of the day. Learn more about toddler tantrums, why they happen, and what you can do as a parent to help curb them.

They love to learn.

Toddlers soak up the world around them and are learning rapidly. In fact, a child’s brain develops the most in the first three years of their life. The best way to take advantage of this window of opportunity is to incorporate learning into everyday activities. Here are ten everyday ways to support your toddler’s learning and development.

They are ready for a big-kid bed.

Most children make the transition from a crib to bed anywhere between one and a half to three and a half years of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that if a child can stand in the crib, if the crib rail falls below chest level, or if it can be climbed over, it is definitely time for a bed. Here are some tips to help your child transition from a crib to a bed.

They need discipline.

Toddlers lack the self-control and communication skills of older children. At the same time, they are growing more independent and become frustrated when they can’t do something they want to do. Disciplining your toddler is important to help him manage his emotions and behaviors.

They want to help.

Recent research shows that children who help out with chores are happier as adults because chores foster a sense of responsibility that extend to other areas of their life. Children as young as two are capable of age-appropriate chores. Enjoy this time when your toddler is young enough to go along with the fun of helping out, without much cajoling.

They soak up your love and affection.

Even though your child is growing more independent everyday, they still crave your love and affection. Everyday gestures or a simple 'I love you,' are powerful ways to show your children how much they mean to you. Here are ten ways to show your child your love today.

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