Concrete Family Support: The Expanded Child Tax Credit

Author: one tough job

Here at One Tough Job, we want to alert you to an initiative specifically for supporting families this tax season, given the hardship of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s the Expanded Child Tax Credit?

Here is a flyer with the quick facts on eligibility.

Please note:

  • The deadline to file is May 17, 2021. You do not need to have filed taxes in the past to be eligible.
  • This will not negatively affect your Medicaid/EBT/public benefits.

More detail on this tax credit:

To help families cover their children’s basic needs, Congress expanded the Child Tax Credit for 2021. The IRS will be sending out monthly checks to families with children, starting in July. Families can receive up to $300 a month for every child ages 0-5 and $250 a month for every child ages 6-17 living in their household. Families do not need any earnings to qualify. Families should file taxes by May 17 so they can get the Child Tax Credit, stimulus checks, and all the money that they and their children are owed.

For a detailed FAQ on the Child Tax Credit, visit the Children’s Defense Fund resource here.

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