Father’s Day: Celebrating the Dads We Love

Author: one tough job

Father’s Day is a holiday dedicated to honoring fathers, father figures, and other paternal bonds. On Father’s Day, we recognize the positive impacts of fathers and are reminded that children who have positive relationships with their father or father figure in their lives are more likely to grow into healthy and happy adults. Father’s Day can also be a challenging time for many of us as we grieve the losses of our fathers or wish we would have better relationships. We hope you have at least one father figure in your life to celebrate this year.

Fathers have additional stresses and expectations on their shoulders that are influenced by society’s views on masculinity. From a young age, men are taught that it is embarrassing to display emotions and are taught that being sad or having emotions is only acceptable for women and mothers. Research has shown that postpartum depression affects both mothers and fathers, but we often don't hear about the impact it has on fathers.

Fathers are often expected to provide financially for their families and many fathers are employed in more than one job to ensure their partners and children have food on the table. These societal expectations of fathers are additional sources of stress placed on them. Father’s Day is a time of year to celebrate and to show fathers our appreciation for all they take on.

Here are a few activities to celebrate the fathers in your lives:

  • Take the time to thank them for their presence and the benefits they bring to your life or the lives of your children.
  • Spend quality time with them on an activity of their choice.
  • Give them a gift to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  • Cook something special for them.

Whichever way you celebrate fatherhood on this day, remember to thank the father figures in your life for their endless love and dedication to the ones around them. Make sure the father figures in your life feel respected and loved on this day. Small acts of love and gratitude remind fathers that they are appreciated and recognized.

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