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Transitioning to Solid Foods

Source: one tough job

By the time your baby is six months old you will probably have developed a good feeding routine and be able to clearly read her hunger cues. You may begin to notice around this time that she is still hungry after feedings.

Sleep and Your Baby

Source: one tough job

Most newborns sleep for around 16-18 hours throughout the day and night. However, they may not sleep at times that are convenient for their parents.

Childcare Options

Source: one tough job

Choosing the right childcare provider to care for your child while you are working or away is an important decision. It's important to know the full range of options available to your family.

Finding the Right Childcare

Source: one tough job

There are many childcare options available to you and your family. While there is no one best childcare option, there may be a type that suits you and your child better.

Tips for Finding and Hiring a Babysitter

Source: one tough job

Leaving your child at home with a babysitter, particularly for the first time, can be challenging for both you and your child. Choosing a babysitter that you trust and have confidence in will make the process much easier.

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